Bushcraft AxesAt the moment we are only listing this small axe. As time goes on we will find test other axes, if they are suitable and at the right price they will become a stock item

£85 plus £10 postage

The idea behind this is that although its possible to baton through larger pieces of firewood with a good bushcraft knife, its always going to be easier with an axe. If you intend to keep your kit weight to a minimum maybe its better to carry a small axe, and a lightweight knife.

In fact if the axe is sharp enough it can be used for much of the tasks that a heavy bushcraft knife may have been used for, such as making feather sticks, preparing fish or game etc. So why not carry a small axe and a lightweight knife or even a folding bushcraft knife with a 3'' blade instead of a hulking great big 4'' fixed blade made from 4mm thick tool steel.

Just my opinion and preferences formed from spending time in Knoydart, the most remote area in mainland Britain. just me and my dog and whatever I can carry. As you can imagine weight becomes an issue, and I aim for less than 15kg incl carrying food for me and the dog. Personally I have found that anything that rusts or expands in the wet will show its shortcomings in a Scottish summer after 4 days of rain. Hence I carry a light weight stainless knife and a small axe. Wooden handles will expand so bone, micarta, plastic or antler is best. Something with a lightish colour so it stands out and won't get lost.

Anyway enough ramblings, here is the axe and I will list a knife shortly once I find a maker to reproduce my knife at the right price. My aim is to offer a 12c27 stainless full tang knife, 2mm thick with a ivory white micarta handle for about £100.